Ahh, bliss! How often do you say that? How often do you feel that your life, or a moment, is pure bliss? What is your idea of  bliss? That’s what today’s photo assignment is about – Bliss.

I must say, there are many moments, or events in my life where I’ve have felt bliss. It is difficult to narrow it down to just one, actually.  Being with my family – those who love me, and I, them; friends – enjoying their company, catching up, meeting for coffee, enjoying a meal together; cooking/baking – pure joy when a recipe works out just right! and then savouring every bite; nature – the sheer beauty of it; animals – their energy and funny characters; sunrise/sunset – no words to describe that unreal beauty;  that first bite of a delicious dessert; the aroma of freshly brewed coffee – wafting through the air.

love…hope…peace…understanding…sharing…for two

A view for two
A view for two

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