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Halloween – sneaking up on you!

With Halloween falling on Friday, 31st October (like you need reminding!) I haven’t gone all out and created awesome snacks or treats.
I don’t even celebrate Halloween. Yes, I can hear you gasping! What kind of food blogger am I? I don’t celebrate Halloween? I don’t make all sorts of amazing Halloween goodies?
No. I really don’t.
I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween, or dressing up, or going around the neighbourhood collecting sweet candy and other goodies. As a child, I probably would have loved Halloween more than Easter had it been like that.

I personally think that most festivals and celebrations are far too commercialised, with Halloween being one of them.  Also, I’m sure that it is really fun for a child to dress up and get free sweets and candies, but that amount of sugar intake on a single day surely cannot be doing their health any good?  But, who am I to judge?

Anyway, everywhere online this month, and especially this past week, there are glaring reminders that Halloween is next week.  You have to get an outfit sorted, prepare for trick-or-treating, and busy yourself in the kitchen making Halloween-themed goodies. 
So…. with peer pressure, and all that, I do have something to share for Halloween.  Since it is the first time that I’ve ever created goodies for the holiday, they may appear very crude, and amateurish, but hey, I like them, and I hope that you will too.

My inspiration has been the humble pumpkin (yeah right, not so humble after all the attention it’s been getting over Halloween season).

How do you feel about Halloween?  I’d really like to know your thoughts, and if you do celebrate this festival, what do you usually do?  Are you indifferent, against it, or for it?


2 thoughts on “Halloween – sneaking up on you!

  1. Only recently do I thoroughly enjoy Halloween (as in the last 3 years), not so much on the “sweet side” of things but the joy of dressing up and actually “scaring” small people (and, the creative side that comes out is most gratifying. Just thought I’d share


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