Good Food · Vegetables


Before going gluten free, more than fifteen years ago (Wow! Is it that long already?!?), I ate vegetables, but they weren’t my favourite. I LOVED pasta, pizza, and of course, cakes, rye bread, French loaf, garlic bread, and anything that basically had wheat in it.

Vegetables were usually a side dish, or a salad, or a spoonful on my plate, which had a generous portion of meat and a starch.

Now however, I really have grown to love vegetables (sorry it took so long, Mom!) and eat a much bigger variety, and a lot more of them. I could go a few days without consuming meat, and just eat vegetables. That’s a huge change from my diet pre-gluten free!

I do enjoy root vegetables. Potatoes, ginger, sweet potatoes, beetroot and carrots (remember, they’re good for your eyes), amongst others.

Tonight I’m making roasted vegetables, which is a dish I often make, in any season, but especially in winter, since it is nourishing and warming.

Whilst they cook away in the oven, I have time to do other things, like write my blog 😀

Check back later, and I’ll upload a photo of the meal.


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